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What in the world is Cake Mapping?

In short - Cake Mapping is the digital art of "projection mapping," where projected footage is cut to the exact shape of the event cake to produce a 3D life-like special effect. Have you ever seen the Disney castle during their fireworks shows? Imagine that but on a scale the size of your cake!

The concept of projection mapping was first introduced with the opening of the Haunted Mansion ride in Disneyland 1969. Park guests were amazed by the ghost heads synchronizing to the ride music. In the past 54 years since then, projection mapping has massively evolved and expanded all over the world.

The idea of projection mapping will continue to be a critical part of our entertainment and event industry for years to come. Why? Because you can create (virtually) anything you can imagine! While traditional cakes will always have their flare, what could be more personalized than pictures and videos of you and your favorite designs on your cake to highlight your big day? Make your inquiry with Illuminations by Barry to learn more about how you cake bring your cake to life and have an event cake to remember forever.


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