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  • Can you cake map on any cake?
    Yes! We offer a variety of faux cakes to choose from, or you can choose to have a Cake Mapping display on a cake that you have already planned to provide at your event. However, the best projections will appear on cakes that have smooth, white surfaces. Please be prepared to give the exact measurements of your cake if you choose to purchase a Cake Mapping Package for a cake that your baker is providing.
  • Do I have to use an Illuminations by Barry faux cake for the Cake Mapping service?
    No, when booking the Silver, Gold, or Diamond package, you will have your choice of faux cake, or you are welcome to use your own. Either way, the price remains the same.
  • Do you upcharge for the table decor package?
    No, every package comes with décor that you can decorate your cake table with if you choose to do so.
  • Can I see the decor package options before booking my Cake Mapping Package?
    Absolutely! Please email to see samples of the Cake Mapping decor package and how to make your cake table look fabulous!
  • When should I book?
    You have anywhere from two weeks to 18 months ahead to book any package that you'd like. Due to limited availability, we highly recommend booking at least three months prior to your event.
  • Do I have to pay in full?
    We accept a 50% deposit for any packages over $500. The final deposit will be determined per your event date.
  • Can I have my cake outside?
    The risk of bringing a projector and equipment outdoors is too risky to be able to provide Cake Mapping services. The Cake Mapping services must be fully indoors.
  • Can I have a personalized animation on my cake?
    Yes! While we have over 50 different animation templates to choose from, if you'd like your own personal animation on your cake, we can request a quote from our animator.
  • Can I see the animation templates before I book a Cake Mapping Package?
    Absolutely! Please email to recieve a link to the animation templates.
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